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Welcome to the official site of The Vair Shop, Inc.,
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Larry Claypool, President

We are full time repair shop that provides mechanical services, parts, and technical support for Chevrolet Corvairs and other special interest autos.

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To take a virtual tour of the Vair Shop click Tour, then use corvair as the password when you get to the login. Other choices for tours once you're there are "Our Cars," "Customers' Cars," and "Customer War Stories."


Short history lesson

My association with Corvairs began in the fall of 1960 when a seafoam green 1961 Corvair 700 sedan became the new Claypool family car. Although only in 1st grade at the time, I could certainly tell that our car was different than the others on the block since our engine was in the back, its trunk in the front, and it had this neat rear seat that folded down, creating a playground of sorts.

By 1965, I had become infatuated with cars, hanging around gas stations and dealers whenever I could just to watch what was going on or sneak a peek at the new models before introduction day. Although our '61 sedan had been traded in for a new Chevelle in '64, Corvairs remained high on my list of 'cool' cars, and some singing of those praises helped my brother choose a '66 Monza coupe in the summer of 1969. I think we had that car for about 2 days before I was busy tuning, installing gauges, changing the headlamps to "flamethrowers," and other neat stuff.

In October of that year, my brother and I attended a "World of Wheels" car show at Chicago's Amphitheater where we discovered a display of Corvairs – the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts – and we attended our first meeting in December. I have been associated with that fine organization ever since. My first car - a 1961 Lakewood wagon - was purchased for $15 in 1970, and with it began a lifetime career as a Corvair enthusiast and technician.

With a move to Frankfort, Illinois, in 1972, the Vair Shop opened it's doors in December of that year. We've been at it ever since, providing personalized, knowledgeable service for these unique autos.


Experience, knowledge, & credentials

Corvairs are a full-time operation here, not a passing interest or something we used to do "way back in the '70s." We are intimately familiar with typical problem areas and their fixes, as well as current parts availability and pricing, plus typical labor times for a given operation.

We have an extensive Corvair specific technical library to research any aspect of the marque' when a question arises. Our parts inventory is second to none in the midwestern region of the country.

"Professor Claypool" (as he is often referred to by local club members) is an ASE certified master technician as well as an ASE certified parts specialist and service advisor. He holds a grand master judging certificate - the highest available from CORSA (Corvair Society of America), the national Corvair club, has served as technical editor for the Corsa Communiqué and as head judge for the multi-make, 600+ Morris car show in Morris, IL.

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CORSA Member

Larry Claypool, president

Please note: The Vair Shop is not specifically endorsed by either of these organizations, but we have provided these links as a convience to guests of our site.

Larry is a life member & supporter of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) and the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts, and he encourages other Corvair enthusiasts to join the national organization - CORSA - and any local chapter that may be near you. Further, Larry belongs to clubs for most of the cars seen in OUR CARS tour; if you want to contact those clubs, just email us.


Other Interesting Autos

While the Vair Shop has always been the place for Corvair owners, its no secret Larry loves all kinds of cars, especially unusual ones (take the tour of OUR CARS!). If you have a late model Toyota, Saturn, or GM Minivan that needs help, forget it! We're not interested. But if you've got something that's from the '70s or older, especially if it's kinda weird or offbeat, we might be up for that! Take the tour of customers' cars to see what we've worked on lately. (Use the word corvair as the password.)


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